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Visiting Corn Islands

Located 70 kilometers off of Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast, are the Corn Islands. These dazzlingly beautiful islands will show you a whole different side of Nicaragua. It should be noted that the islands have a small tourism sector that is still growing. The locals speak creole English as well as Spanish due to the strong Caribbean influence. There are not the same amenities that you would find in a more developed place. Corn Islands can be reached by daily flights from Managua or a longer boat ride from Bluefields.


Big Corn Island

Corn Islands Scuba Diving to Sea Marine lifeThe more developed of the two islands, is Big Corn Island. It is 10 square kilometers with spectacular beaches where you can go sunbathing and swimming. The reef located nearby offers great diving and snorkeling with striking coral structures. Also, while staying on the island you could take a boat tour or go sports fishing. Other activities include horseback riding and exploring the island on foot or by bike. One 12-kilometer road goes around the whole island, making it a convenient and unique way to see the island.

Little Corn Island

Corn Islands Pristine beachesFrom Big Corn Island it is only about 15 kilometers to Little Corn Island. This little island is around 3 square kilometers with no roads or cars. It’s just a tropical paradise. There are a handful of restaurants and hotels located on the island as well as white beaches and turquoise water. Little Corn Island offers excellent opportunities to go swimming, diving, and snorkeling. Like on Big Corn Island, Little Corn Island has a couple of diving operators available. You can visit Little Corn Island with a panga (small boat) that leaves two times a day. It will cost you around 6USD each way.


Visit between March and May: This is the dry season when you will have the best chance for dry and sunny weather as well as calm and clear waters for swimming and diving.

Visit soon! These islands are still blissfully void of the massive development that characterizes most other place in Nicaragua, so visit before that changes!

Take a flight if you get seasick: This boat ride will take around 6 hours and is notoriously bumpy!

Getting there

Yellow Bus in JungleFlights from Managua start at around 165 USD for a round trip. They leave 3 times a day. There are also daily ferries from Bluefields. They leave every morning around 9AM and cost 12USD one way. The ferry ride will take around 6 hours. If you choose this option, you can take the express bus to Bluefields from Managua, leaving around 9pm and arriving around 3am. This will cost you roundabout 8USD for one way.


seafoodWith tourism starting to rise, dining options are not yet very diverse. Fishing is the main industry and so you will find several delicious seafood restaurants like Big Fish Café and La Princesa de la Isla on Big Corn.

Where to stay

Take a nap in a HammockYemaya Little Corn Hideaway and Spa is the perfect island getaway. Located on Little corn, this island will offer you more hidden retreat. The tranquil surroundings along with the onsite spa are bound to make you feel like you are staying at a secluded paradise!

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