San Juan Del Sur

Made up of many small fishing villages

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Visiting San Juan del Sur

San Juan Del Sur is one of the most popular travel destinations on Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast! Not long ago this area of Nicaragua primarily made up of just small fishing villages. Now it has slowly been recognized as a paradise for world-class sports fishing and surfing!

With a local population is a mix of Nicaraguans and a growing ex-patriot community, San Juan del Sur is the perfect merging of cultures. All of this adds to the extensive charm to this once quaint fishing village. The crescent shaped bay of San Juan del Sur is home to a plethora of vessels. Small restaurants and bars are lined along the sand and offer high quality dining.


Surfing and fishing

San Juan Del Sur Surfing the waveSan Juan del Sur is gaining in popularity as a sport fishing spot. Be prepared to catch sailfish, marlins, wahoos, dorados and more. Next to that, San Juan Del Sur is also known for its all-year-round offshore winds which makes for amazing surf.

Local Color and flavor

San Juan Del SurSan Juan del Sur has the charm of a traditional Nicaraguan village mixed with some International flavor! The sounds of church bells fill the mornings and the town bustles with a lively town market where local produce and handicrafts are available. Also, a variety of tourism services and transportation options can be contracted easily from the center of the city. Find scuba and snorkeling trips, Spanish schools, local handicraft vendors, Internet cafes, hotels and hostels!

History of San Juan Del Sur

Nicaragua San Juan del SurFormerly a sleepy fishing village, San Juan del Sur transformed in 1851 by the California Gold Rush. Suddenly this quiet area of Nicaragua became a stop on the transit route between east and west coasts of the US. Later it retained its reputation as a port for the export of local products and import of items ranging from autos and appliances to farm equipment and other items not indigenous to Nicaragua. Since the late 90’s the local investment in tourism services and foreign cash influx in real estate and other ventures, have allowed for many improvements in the immediate area- a new sports center, improved parks and beachfront areas. Having celebrated its 150th anniversary as a city in 2002, the port of San Juan del Sur has transformed itself into an incredible travel destination, as well as retaining its original charm as a fishing village!


Hike to the Christ statue: A popular activity is to hike up to the Christo statue and enjoy a stunning view of the bay.

Visit during dry season: To enjoy the best possible weather, visit during the months between December and May.

Getting there

If you are traveling for the Costa Rican border, San Juan del Sur is only 45 minutes away. If you plan on traveling there from Managua, it will take you between 2 and 3 hours to reach this charming beach town. It is also close to another stunning destination in Nicaragua: Ometepe Island.


Try some local cuisine at The Beach House Nicaragua while enjoying ocean views. Vegetarians and vegans are also welcome. Barrio Café has a laid-back atmosphere and is good for a drink as well as a delicious meal for all pallets and dietary preferences. If you favor a small, healthy snack, you will love the Simon Says Smoothie Bar!

Where to stay

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