The San Blas Islands

A region of unparalleled beauty

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Visiting San Blas Islands

The San Blas Islands are a group of over 350 islands located on the Caribbean off the eastern coast of Panama. With only about 50 of the islands inhabited, the area is also known as Kuna Yala after the indigenous people that have lived there for centuries. A region of unparalleled beauty, with spectacular coral reefs and magnificent primary rainforest. This area is often called the “Pearl of the Caribbean.”


The Kuna Yala People

San Blas Islands BoatsIn 1925 the Kuna Yala People won their sovereignty from Panama. Presently, there is a population of approximately 50,000 Kuna living in the area. Of the 100’s of beautiful islands in the archipelago, only about 50 are occupied. Primarily hunters and fishers, the Kuna Yasla people represent a merging of people that migrated from Central America and the Chibcha culture of Columbia. Gracious hosts and proud preservers of their fascinating 1000 years old culture, the Kuna Yala people resisted nearly all Western influence until the late 20th Century. They are a population with a propensity for song and dance. As well as the production of intricately detailed textiles. The Kuna Yala is a matriarchal society that lives a peaceful life in this beautiful part of Panama.

Tours to San Blas

San Blas Islands a Tropical ParadiseThis region of Panama is an area of spectacular beauty! Miles of pristine, uninhabited beaches, clear unpolluted waters. The coral reefs that are home to schools of colorful tropical fish and lots of unique flora and fauna. Other than taking a tour to visit the indigenous people, it is also very popular to take a sailing trip around the islands, swim, and go snorkeling.


Getting there: There are about 50 sail boats ready to take you to the islands. When you take this option, the trip might take you around 5 days with 2 of them sailing. It is also possible to take a direct flight there.

Prepare for simplicity: You will not find all-inclusive resorts here and in some cases not even electricity. This is the perfect spot t enjoy fresh and delicious sea food.

Visit between April and November: This is the time when you can expect endless sun and pleasantly warm waters for swimming. The rest of the year can be rather windy making the boat rides rocky and the seas rough.

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